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We are so lazy…👯

I’m glad you wrote “do you think they can work” because I whole heartedly thought you meant Lana Del Rey at first and was ready to get to writing! But yes, yes, long distance relationships. Do I think they can work? Absolutely. I think if a love so great exists, anything is possible. I don’t think that it wouldn’t come without a lot of hard work, but plenty of people are in LDR and make it work. That’s my general opinion.

However, I think at the end of the day it’s a very personal decision and is different for everybody. Is that a lifestyle you want to live? Relying on computers and cell phones to stay in touch? Not being able to kiss or touch that person whenever you want? I personally thrive on being with the person I love. Seeing them, spending time with them, touching them, loving them, kissing them.

I do applaud couples who commit to a relationship without easy access to these elements. They don’t take every kiss, hug, or night together for granted. I imagine the time spent together is very beautiful.

Hope this helps!